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Date                     Time                                   Team                                                            Location                                                         Result            Record
    Memorial Day Tournament    
May 21st - Thurs 5:30pm Seattle Stars Edmonds Community College 3-2 Win 1-0
May 22nd - Fri 5:30pm Easton Edmonds Community College 8-4 Win 2-0
May 23rd - Sat 12:00pm Titans Blue Edmonds Community College 17-1 Win 3-0
May 24th - Sun 3:00pm Bandits SC Edmonds Community College 6-1 Win 4-0
May 25th - Mon 12:00pm Seattle Stars Edmonds Community College 6-2 Win 5-0
May 25th Mon 2:30pm Rock Creek Edmonds Community College 2-0 Win 6-0
May 25th - Mon 6:00pm Championship Game vs. Bulldogs Bannerwood 6-5 Loss 6-1
May 28th - Thurs 6:00pm Kirkland Merchants Newport HS 4-3 Win 7-1
    Edmonds CC Invitational      
May 29th - Fri 8:00pm CWBC Hawks Edmonds Community College 11-1 Win 8-1
May 30th - Sat 9:00am Washington Wave Newport HS 8-0 Win 9-1
May 30th - Sat 11:30am Bellevue Baseball Club Newport HS 6-0 Win 10-1
May 31st - Sun 11:00am NPA Tugs - Steiger Edmonds Community College 9-1 Win 11-1
May 31st - Sun 1:30pm NPA Tugs Red - Jennings Edmonds Community College 6-2 Win 12-1
May 31st - Sun 6:00pm Championship Game vs. Laces Edmonds Community College 5-4 Loss 12-2
June 2nd -Tues 6:00pm Toyota Baseball Newport HS 4-2 Win 13-2
    Cardinal Classic      
June 3rd - Wed 5:30pm Eastside Baseball Club Lower Woodland Forfeit Win 14-2
June 5th - Fri 8:00pm Seattle Select Purple Lower Woodland 8-0 Win 15-2
June 6th - Sat 9:00am En Fuego Newport HS 4-2 Win 16-2
June 6th - Sat 12:00pm Seattle Braves Newport HS 3-1 Win 17-2
June 7th - Sun 12:00pm  Toyota Bannerwood 10-1 Win 18-2
June 7th - Sun 6:00pm Championship Game vs. Mudville Bannerwood 8-0 Win 19-2
June 9th - Tues 6:00pm Lakeside Newport HS 12-7 Loss 19-3
    Seattle Premier Leage Tournament      
June 11th - Thurs 5:30pm NPA Tugs Edmonds CC 5-0 Win 20-3
June 12th - Fri 5:30pm Rijo Athletics Edmonds CC 1-0 Loss 20-4
June 13th - Sat 12:30pm Boys of Summer Bannerwood 5-3 Win 21-4 
June 13th - Sat 5:30pm Spokane Dodgers Auburn Mountainview HS 4-1 Loss 21-5
June 14th - Sun 12:00pm TC Saints Edmonds CC 4-3 Loss 21-6
June 16th - Tues 6:00pm Boys of Summer Newport HS 2-1 Loss 21-7
June 18th - Thurs 6:00pm Baden Bellevue College 6-5 Win 22-7
    Lower Columbia CC Tournament      
June 19th - Fri 8:00pm Narrows Lower Columbia CC 2-1 Win 23-7
June 20th - Sat 3:00pm Mound Time Lower Columbia CC 5-3 Win 24-7
June 20th - Sat 5:30pm Vancouver Cardinals Lower Columbia CC 5-0 Win 25-7
June 21st - Sun 11:30am Boys of Summer Lower Columbia CC 6-3 Loss 25-8
June 23rd - Tues 5:00pm Boys of Summer Bellevue College    
    University of Washington Tournament      
June 26th - Fri 11:45am CA Warriors University of Washington    
June 27th - Sat 10:00am North Shore Edmonds Community College    
June 27th - Sat 5:15pm Spokane Expos University of Washington    
June 28th - Sun TBD Semi Final Game TBD    
June 28th - Sun   Championship Game University of Washington    
June 30th - Tues 6:00pm Lakeside Newport HS    
    Curt Daniels Invitational      
July 2nd - Thurs 5:30pm Southridge University of Portland    
July 3rd - Fri 1:30pm Showtime Concordia    
July 4th - Sat 2:00pm Boys of Summer University of Portland    
July 4th - Sat 4:30pm Narrows University of Portland    
July 5th - Sun 4:30pm Baden Concordia    
July 6th - Mon 10:00am or 1:00pm TBD University of Portland    
July 6th - Mon 4:00pm Championship University of Portland    
    Brandy Pugh Invitational      
July 8th - Wed 4:30pm Boys of Summer Bellevue College    
July 9th - Thurs 5:00pm Bellingham Post 7 Bannerwood    
July 10th - Fri 5:00pm Seattle Stars Bannerwood    
July 11th - Sat 5:00pm Spokane Dodgers Bellevue College    
July 12th - Sun 2:00pm Honda of Bellevue Bannerwood    
July 13th - Mon 7:00pm Championship game vs. Conn division Bannerwood    
July 15th - 20th   Baden Invitational      
July 21st - Tues TBD TBD TBD    
July 23rd - 31st TBD Phil Singer Summer Series Carlsbad, CA